The word “topless” and “Glamour Photography” has in the past been synonymous with tacky images from the 1980’s. Remember Page 3?  Yet in my world boobs can be photographed tastefully and should be treated with the artistic respect they deserve. The Old Master paintings were full of boobs portrayed in the most beautiful way. I am bringing back Old Master inspired topless elegance in to my boudoir photo shoots.

This photo below is one of my favourites from my client’s photoshoot. The image is timeless,  simple and elegant. Although she is topless, the mood is certainly not smutty. She looks elegant and beautiful. Also I love the way the light catches the luxurious folds of deep red satin which adds to the sensuality of the image.

glamour photography - nude red satin

My client was just 2 years away from her 50th birthday when I took these photos. Amazing. More women around the age of 50 and beyond are having a boudoir photoshoot to celebrate the women that they have become. Isn’t that just brilliant? I believe the pose and expression can make the difference between tackier glamour photography and tasteful nude photography. My clients are treated with respect and made to feel beautiful and confident I their boudoir shoot. I truly believe this shows in their photos and to me she looks proud and empowered.

glamour photogrpahy elegant nude on chair

I like to add an air of mystery in some of your boudoir photos. Some of my clients put images like this up in their home as they are anonymous.

glamour photography dark and moody

And a simple, elegant nude showing off female curves is always a beautiful classic. She reminds me of a sculpture here.

glamour photography nude black and white

How do you feel about glamour photography – do you dare to go nude?

As beautiful as these nude images are… don’t worry! You can be as covered up or as bare as you dare to go in your boudoir shoot. Almost every client opts for photos with some lingerie with maybe a couple of nude or semi nude photos (with a pretty lace pair of knickers). Always they are tasteful and for the most part involve draped fabric or dark shadows that hide the bits you would like hidden.

I know it can seem daunting at first but I am here to help and answer any hesitations you might have. I am woman in my 40s who has photographed women in lingerie or nude for 6 years now so I have a lot of experience!

Feel free to call me on 01442 769303 or drop me a line using the contact form.

I look forward to having a chat with you and designing a photoshoot that is perfect for you!

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