When Karen had a boudoir shoot with me I had no idea how much stress she had been through in the 10 years leading up to it. When she sent me this heartfelt email, I welled up when I first read it. I feel so happy that she can now see the beautiful woman she really is – both inside and out.

Here is her story…

“For 10 long years I was with the wrong man, he was violent and abusive. He often told me how ugly and ‘manly’ I was and said I was lucky he chose me. Without him I’d be a spinster just left on the shelf. He used to say how I wasn’t every man’s cup of tea… too big and butch to be called attractive. One day I found the courage to leave him, being on my own was better than being with such an unkind bully.

boudoir confidence shoot

I then met my soulmate, a man whom I’d loved from afar since I was 17. The wounds were still deep and I had many, many fears but I learned to trust again. Just a month into our relationship I was diagnosed with cancer and told I wouldn’t make old bones. I wanted my new life so much I fought with all my heart. Multiple surgeries left me with scars in my groin, my armpits, across my back. I had 6 months of chemo but thankfully didn’t lose much of my then short hair.

boudoir shoot confidence building

The chemo failed and I was back in hospital, this time for a stronger dose for yet another 6 months. My man stuck with me throughout even though I sometimes felt like the most unattractive person ever. I kept trying to show him the woman he loved was still in there somewhere. After this round of chemo I was very sick. The bone marrow was damaged and the drugs had caused a secondary cancer. The doctors told me I wasn’t going to get any better and I was told not to expect more than the current energy levels of only walking for 5 minutes a day.

I fought again, I wanted my life so badly. We got a dog and I had a goal to walk for 10 minutes every day with her, my Roxy. 6 years later I can walk for hours, I’m back at work, my confidence is returning and the secondary cancer has actually gone!!

boudoir shoot cancer survivor

My man and I are getting married next month, after a long 10 year health battle. I booked a boudoir shoot to really show him the woman he’s going to marry, who’s a person not defined by illness but still trying to break out like the proverbial butterfly.

boudoir photo shoot london

Mikaela has done an incredible job, I can’t believe it’s really me!! We even kept most of the scars in! It was a brilliant day, I feel like a million dollars and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone – such a great experience!

With love

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