Boudoir photography reviews by my clients of all ages, shapes and sizes sharing their stories. I hope this helps you to see that any nerves and hesitations you might have were also experienced by these women before they made the decision to have a boudoir photography session with me. They took the plunge  and never looked back. Whether their reasons to have a photo shoot were to present an amazing gift for their significant other or to give themselves a huge boost in body confidence and self-image.


They are amazing Thank you Soooooo much! It was incredible how just a few hours made me feel so special and confident! I’ve been secretly dreading my wedding day as I have put a bit of weight on and don’t feel like I look good enough but after my photo shoot I felt fantastic and I’m so excited for my wedding day!

Noreen Small

Mikaela goes above and beyond the call of duty as a photographer and that make’s having a photo shoot with her awesome and relaxing. I felt like a glamorous model and my confidence level went up a few notches. Mikaela you not only captured me you also captured my personality and that is what makes you an awesome photographer. Thank you for my beautiful pictures and the confidence. You are an amazing photographer and anyone who does a photo shoot with you will be absolutely pleased and wished they had done it sooner. You are talented and patient and you give your all to your clients. Thank you for my beautiful pictures and I hope to be back soon for another shoot. Noreen


Well what can I say mikaela you was amazing from start to finish which is today (ha ha) I mean I always wanted to do the photos but never got around to it or just never in my head thought I’d look or feel as good as I did On the day so always put it off but me and my friend wanted to book so we arranged to go together which was a great laugh good day all round. Mikaela helped us with all our worries before the big day even down to the outfits shoes any little question I had (and I had some sorry 😂) she was there with a reply or 10!! All through the photos mikaela made us feeling apart of the decisions and poses and spoke us through every step of the day, The hardest part of the day was narrowing down the photos to pick from but we got there after few hours!! Easy to get along with and felt comfortable.. so THANK YOU very much for a great experience xx


Mikaela – The pictures look far better than I ever thought they would but also a big thank you for making me feel so comfortable during the photoshoot. I will look back on these pictures and believe they will give me more confidence. I would highly recommend others to visit you to have the experience I had. The pictures are truly stunning.
Many many thanks.


I never felt very confident about my body. I was bullied when I was a child for being too chubby, fatty,… . Even though I lost some weight by doing a lot of sports and trying to eat healthy, I am still worried about my body. So the day of the photo shoot, I did not know what to expect and if I would be able to pose in front of a camera. But as soon as Mikaela picked me up from the train station, she made me feel at ease. She was encouraging, gave a lot of guidance and was really patient. Also the make-up artist did an amazing job. I have just seen the final pictures, they are stunning and I could not believe that I could actually look that good. It made it very hard to make a selection. There are really no words to describe how beautiful the pictures are and what a wonderful day I had doing the photo shoot.

Mikaela is incredibly talented and she gave me a big big confidence boost. I would recommend this to every woman. No need to be nervous, anxious or worried, Mikaela really takes care of every aspect and makes you feel at home from the first second till the last.

Thank you Mikaela for this incredible, wonderful experience.

Dee Atkins

Mikaela is a MAGICIAN! I’m not a massive fan of having my photograph taken unless I have full control over everything. I have massive self confidence issues when it comes to pictures of myself but the photographs Mikaela took not only left me speechless and emotional but feeling beautiful and full of confidence. This whole shoot has helped me draw a line under the past and looking forward to being in front of a camera and feeling and looking good. Thank you so much, Mikaela. xxx
PS – My partner, Mike, says thank you too. He likes the boudoir photographs very much and has been showing them off on social media like a proud caveman (his words).

Karen Brunton

I came to The Studio back in early February it was mine and my husbands 50th birthdays this spring..and had decided to have an album made for my husbands 50th in March and to have a disk of the photos for myself, something to look back on in my dotage ..and say to myself..yes ..i really did look like that… Mikaela made me at ease straight away..and being a mother of 5 and being 50 years old nearly that was a real big thing.. i didn’t really want pretty pretty photos of myself as im not a girly girl in any way shape or form , don’t really wear much make didn’t want to look too different from my normal self and my husband god bless him, seems to like me as i am.. Mikaela was wonderful and really listened to what i had said , i brought along a few props of my own, and was pleasantly surprised to find that all my suggestions were taken into account..i had a wonderful day there and felt very much the star of the show..
Since then my husband has had his album as his birthday present and lets just say ..he was more than pleased as he didn’t have a clue i had arranged it all.. he is one happy bunny.. i would recommend anyone and already have done.. to have a photo shoot, its a great morale boost ..Mikaela will make you look and feel amazing and you have something to look back on and show for it.. a great experience.


Had such fun doing this shoot. Mikaela was great as she really listened to what I wanted in terms of the style of photography, and she also made some fab suggestions too that I would never have thought of. The finished pictures were even better than I could have imagined. The makeup lady Amanda was hilarious too. I would recommend this to anyone. I want to go back again one day with more ‘outfits’!

Debbie Smith

Just received my photos from shoot a few weeks ago. I love them even more than the proofs. Thank you so so much Mikaela for your patience, encouragement and kindness. I wasn’t sure I’d ever get there but I’m so glad I did. Despite being a size 18 and extremely body conscious and utterly terrified, we got there. My pics are fab and I’ve actually shown them to friends and colleagues. I’ve had amazing feedback which has made me feel a million dollars. So honestly ladies, don’t be afraid … just take a deep breath and do it. Put your trust in Mikaela, she’s totally brilliant. See you in 10 years for the next milestone birthday xReply


For 10 long years I was with the wrong man, he was violent and abusive. He often told me how ugly and ‘manly’ I was, how I was lucky he chose me as without him I’d be a spinster just left on the shelf.

He used to say how I wasn’t every man’s cup of tea and was too big and butch to be called attractive. One day I found the courage to leave him, being on my own was better than being with such an unkind bully.

I then met my soulmate, a man whom I’d loved from afar since I was 17. The wounds were still deep and I had many, many fears but I learned to trust again. Just a month into our relationship I was diagnosed with cancer and told I wouldn’t make old bones. I wanted my new life so much I fought with all my heart. I had multiple surgeries leaving me with scars in my groin, my armpits, across my back. I had 6 months of chemo but thankfully didn’t lose much of my then short hair.

The chemo failed and I was back in hospital, this time for a stronger dose for yet another 6 months. My man stuck with me throughout even though I sometimes felt like the most unattractive person ever. I kept trying to show him the woman he loved was still in there somewhere. After this round of chemo I was very sick. The bone marrow was damaged and the drugs had caused a secondary cancer. The doctors told me I wasn’t going to get any better and I was told not to expect more than the current energy levels of only walking for 5 minutes a day.

I fought again, I wanted my life so badly. We got a dog and I had a goal to walk for 10 minutes every day with her, my Roxy. 6 years later I can walk for hours, I’m back at work, my confidence is returning and the secondary cancer has actually gone!!

My man and I are getting married next month, after a long 10 year health battle. I booked a boudoir shoot to really show him the woman he’s going to marry, who’s a person not defined by illness but still trying to break out like the proverbial butterfly.

Mikaela has done an incredible job, I can’t believe it’s really me!! We even kept most of the scars in! It was a brilliant day, I feel like a million dollars and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone – such a great experience!

Lisa Carroll

Did a bridal boudoir photoshoot with Mikaela as a gift to my new husband – presented to him the night before our wedding. The look on his face when he opened that box is one I will never forget!! Priceless. Certainly beats a watch and so nice to have something to look back on and cherish forever (especially as my body ages and changes!)
Had a baby 9 months ago so wasn’t feeling very body confident but couldn’t believe the results – I saw the old ‘sexy’ me for the first time since giving birth – and reminded my husband that she still exists too. My confidence has soared since and Im so pleased I did it.
Mikaela knows her stuff but be prepared to put the work in to get your dream shots, being a model is fun but exhausting lol tho mikaela gave me amazing direction and guided me through with ease. She knows what works for women and produces some beautiful pictures to be proud of. Hair, make up plus beautiful new lingerie and I felt to special – would recommend to anyone, you really will not regret it.Reply

Jenny Amos

This is just a quick word in support of the other reviews on here – I had looked at Mikaela’s work for a long time before I took the plunge and booked a shoot with her. I am so glad I did! I had so much fun on the day, and just as much fun getting my body prepared and shopping for lingerie 😉 Mikaela is a lovely person who is professional, friendly and clearly knows how to work with different bodies, lighting, etc. My partner and I absolutely love the photos, and had a really tough time trying to decide which ones to keep!
To you Mikaela – A very big Thank You


Every woman should have the opportunity to be spoilt, pampered and thoroughly treated like you’re No.1 by Mikaela.|
It took me over 4 months to pick up the phone, just to make an appointment, but straight away from that phone call I was put at ease.
I was never made to feel uncomfortable in my own skin or that I don’t have the body shape to be doing this. The butterflies were soon banished and I was totally put at ease. And, although I thought I knew what I wanted, Mikaela was able to get me over that one last barrier, and my final shoots were probably the best! It was well worth the wait for the final pictures.My husband was wowed by them and a set will be framed for our bedroom. Now…………will I brave enough for Facebook????????

Juleen and Simon

I really, really wanted some special photos of my husband and I , to celebrate our 21st Wedding anniversary. My girlfriend told me about her friend Mikaela, and I boldly phoned up to book a studio session. I managed to persuade my Hubbie to just come and try, despite the fact his brand new ducati had arrived that morning and he was dreamily looking out the window at the sunshine! However, Mikaela quickly put us at ease in her studio which is in the most beautiful, quiet and scenic location. Her ideas were carefully thought through and instructions given. The final photos were absolutely fantastic….. not one was disappointing, making the selection of the ones to keep so hard!! I am absolutely over the moon with the results and can’t wait to put them up in our bedroom. A very talented photographer and I would not hesitate to visit again when the next occasion rolls round. Thank you so much!!!Reply


I have to say I was pretty terrified! But in fact it was one of the best things I’ve ever done, a real confidence boost. The day itself was great fun, bit of pampering getting made up while Mikaela went through my outfits and made notes. We discussed the plan and then got to work! There was no need to worry about anything, we were focused on creating art. Mikaela was encouraging and helpful giving clear guidance about the poses. I have a new respect for models as it also felt a bit like a good workout!
When the photos came through I was amazed with how they looked and how the lighting worked. It has made me more relaxed with myself and just happier. If you are worried or concerned, just go for it anyway! It has been such a positive, empowering experience for me, realising without all the layers and complexity of modern life we are beautiful just as we are….with a side benefit that my husband has also appreciated the results!

Chantal Mallet

I’ve been on a bit of a rollercoaster of a journey the last few years & have reached a bit of a turning point in my life & I wanted to mark the new me or maybe the return of the old me (?), well anyway… Chantal Mallett 2015. Mikaela had mentioned doing a shoot before & naturally, being camera shy, I had resisted but it suddenly felt like a really good & positive thing to do. So we made a date, I rocked up at Mikaela’s pretty, serene, studio space for what turned out to be a fabulous day…. So what can the non-model female population take away from my experience? That having a boudoir or portrait session is a positive, confidence boosting, fun experience & that a good pro-photographer like Mikaela Morgan / Strictly Boudoir really can make all of us look good & chill us out enough to get a great set of images. Suffice to say I am thrilled & looking pretty good for 42! Thank goodness I didn’t wait too much longer, as it’s not like any of us will be younger tomorrow!

Sally Quemard

Thank you for making me so welcome and to feel like I was a friend of yours,I had a wonderful day,especially after years of being told my body was awful,I finally realised that I could look amazing,felt a real buzz after my shoot. I have just had such a hard time choosing my photos you made me look amazing!!! Would definitely recommend you to all of my friends and to put on anyone’s bucket list,would do it all again xx Thank You again Sally x

Teddy Marshall

Thanks so much Mikaela – I am so delighted with the pictures and can’t wait to see the final products.

Mikaela helped me feel totally at ease during the shoot which I think makes a huge difference to the final images. The makeup artist was incredible and I couldn’t even believe it was me after she was done. I’m quite curvy and have recently lost allot of weight so I was a little conscious of showing my tummy off too much but Mikaela was happy to accommodate this. I also gave her some images that I liked and she was happy to take them and adapt my shoot so I could get the images / looks that I really liked. An incredibly bespoke service!

I’ve shown them to some friends and family and they have been incredibly impressed by Mikaela’s work, the photographs are just perfect – I couldn’t have asked for more! In fact I couldn’t resist buying double the quantity of images I had intended to have!


I just wanted to say big thank you for the photo shoot, I had a really good morning. The photos were stunning – who knew I could look so good naked 🙂 I can’t wait for my hubby2be to see them. He’ll be so shocked / surprised. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family. Once again, Thank You xx

Helen volrath

Just want to say a big thank you for the photo shoot and it really gave me my confidence back as the last year i have suffered from fybromylarga and depresion and really struggled in feeling good about myself and I hated how I looked but I feel like different person now, my friends and family have seen a big diffrance in how I am. I am so glad I phoned you when I saw your article in take abreak it’s something you want dream in doing and you think how on earth will I look that good but I can’t stop looking at the photos and think wow is that really me. So lady’s if you are reading this then don’t be scared just phone Mikaela she will put you at ease I was nervous but after a little while it didn’t worry me at all I loved every moment of it I still can’t stop talking about it. believe me it be the best thing you will ever do it should be on every lady’s list of things to do. So thank you again Mikeala I’m so happy xxxxxxx

Kiran Banga

I remember, it was Winter 2012! Weather outside was dull and depressing. As I drove through beautiful surroundings approaching Mikaela’s Studio, I felt a warm and calming sensation… I parked up in the drive and Mikaela welcomed me and made me feel so comfortable… When I walked Into the studio, wow! The rooms were absolutely gorgeous and the decor was exquisite. I was offered a glass of champagne which I took and sipped on whilst conversing with Mikaela. I felt so comfortable and then… I was made to feel like a Superstar… Hair and make up was done to perfection and the pictures were incredible! I looked WOW (must I say myself). I usually don’t like getting pictures taken but Mikaela really knew how to direct me and the correct positions, super talented Ms. Morgan. Last few words Ladies, later on in life, this is something to look back at and think, “That was me”… An amazing experience. Lots of Love to you Mikaela, well done and gracias x

Renata Chambers

Thank you for a brilliant photo shoot. The photos are stunning and I never thought I could look so good at the age of 48! I would definitely recommend Mikeala to my friends, it was a wonderful experience that every woman should treat themselves to.

Debbie Peck

My photo shoot with Mikaela was well worth the 172 mile round trip 🙂 I researched many Boudoir sites locally but Mikaela,s stood out from the rest ! I am 50 years of age , a curvy 14 and a mother of 4 and wanted some pictures that still looked like me and reflected my personality. The photo,s were a surprise Anniversary and Birthday gift for my husband and he was totally surprised and knew nothing about it until he opened them. He loved them. I am very proud of them , and my three daughters think they are amazing too .
I am quiet a confident person on the whole , but was very nervous on the day, this passed very quickly as Mikaela made the whole experience very relaxing , so much so that I had some shot,s taken without clothes and these turned out to be among my favourites.
Thank you once again Mikaela 🙂

Amanda Hutchinson

I wanted to give my (now) husband a gift the night before our wedding that would surprise him and a friend suggested giving him some photos, I am not a very confident person but after some research found Mikaela and her reviews convinced me to give it a go! It was a fantastic experience, a real boost and I was amazed that the person in the photos was actually me. My husband also loved the photos! I would recommend any lady who is in two minds to definitely give it a go!


Michaela, I just want to thank you for how relaxed you made me feel on the day and for making the so experience so good. Even though I had quite firm ideas about what I wanted, I didn’t actually think I’d manage to get photos of myself looking like that so I’m absolutely thrilled with the whole thing – this was my 30th birthday present to myself and I would recommend every woman turning 30 to record how they look at this age! I’ll look back on these photos when I’m 80 and smile!


Hi Michaela, I just wanted to say a big thank you for my photos! I wanted to surprise my husband for our second anniversary and guess what.. he loves them!! You made the day such fantastic fun, I was at ease as soon as I walked through the door (or maybe it was after the first sip of sparking wine!) You were great at taking the time to get the photos you knew I would love and I felt like a star for the day. What a wonderful experience. Thank you so very much. xx

Angie Thacker

Would just like to say ladies if you are thinking of a boudoir shoot and are nervous then Mikaela is the lady to go to.I was very nervous but as soon as i arrived at the studio i was made to feel at ease and comfortable.Mikaela was brilliant very friendly and very professional.Was very sad when we got to the end of the day.When i viewed my photos i could not believe how good i looked.I had no idea i could look that good.The makeup done by Mikaelas makeup artist was fantastic.Will certainly go there again in the future.Thank you so much Mikaela x


I’d like to thank Mikaela for a wonderful adventure. In general I feel very uncomfortable in posing for pictures. I was quite stressed when my husband asked for a set of boudoir pictures as a Christmas gift. But Mikaela does wonders. She is very approachable and professional. If you don’t have a clear idea what you would like to do, you can fully trust her recommendations. She made the whole experience very relaxing and fun. The pictures are more beautiful than I could imagine. Thanks again!


I contacted Mikaela with a plan of having some photos done as a wedding present for my partner, I was very nervous on the morning . I have to say within minutes I was made to feel at home, the studio was lovely ,relaxing and welcoming. I never thought I’d be able to relax but Mikaela soon put me at ease, I am so pleased with the pictures…I cannot wait to show them off!! … fact I ordered a couple of extra prints as a Birthday surprise as well!! …if your wondering if you have the courage to do it….do it is all I can say its a real boast for the confidence and great fun …..thanks so much Mikaela I will try to get a picture of his reaction when he see’s them I think it will be one very large smile x


I really want to thank you for a fantastic shoot yesterday. I’ve had professional photoshoots in the past but I can say without a shadow of a doubt, the experience I had with you is by far the best and proved to be worth every penny. Not only are you extremely good at what you do but you’re also wonderfully approachable, friendly and a joy to work with. All these things helped put me at ease from the moment I met you.

There are few people in your industry who are as talented, professional and dedicated as yourself. I felt like nothing was too much trouble for you and it was clear to me how much you cared about giving me photos I would LOVE rather than just like.
I really love all my photos, I never realised I could look so good! I’ve already raved about you to all my friends and like me they agree your work has the ‘wow’ factor.

I know for a fact that I’ll never use anybody else but you whenever I need more photos.

Once again thank you for everything you’ve done for me. I’m truly grateful. xxx


I would like to say a big thank you to Mikaela for such a great confidence building experience and a wonderful day at her Studio. I wanted a photo shoot done for my Partner’s Christmas present but was apprehensive about doing it, especially as I am in the more senior age group, but I need not have worried as Mikaela made me feel so at ease from the minute I arrived. I took my friend with me, and along with Liz the makeup artist, we had a great girls’ day out. I was amazed at the photos, and if I hadn’t recognised the clothes, I would never have thought it was me! My partner’s sharp intake of breath when he opened the photo box on Christmas morning was something I will never forget. I just wished I had taken a photo of that moment. He was absolutely thrilled and still has them up in the bedroom trying to decide which one to have enlarged to put on the wall. Thank you Mikaela for making me feel proud of myself and for giving so much pleasure to my Partner!


Just to say a BIG thankyou for the photo shoot and the end results! I gave them to my husband on our anniversary and …. he was so amazed …. it took a while for him to speak! The whole experience was such great fun from start to finish. At the age of 53 I have discovered a hidden me :-)and I know without a doubt that I will be booking another session next year …. can’t wait!

Joanna Farnsworth

Thank you so much for such an amazing special experience, for many years I felt conscious of my image and despite what my husband always tells me never actually felt attractive.

Suzanne did a great job with the make up which was beautiful but still me and gave me the confidence to have my photographs taken and has given me the confidence to wear more make up – I have never been one to want to draw attention to myself.

It was so nice bringing my husband to review the photographs and has been such a special experience for us as a couple, for my husband to tell me how beautiful I look and for me to give him a special set of shots that express my utter devotion to him.

I wish everyone could experience what it is to feel beautiful and I can’t thank you enough for making that happen.

Joanna x


Thank you so much for my photos!! My boyfriend Dean bought me them as a moving in present and i can’t believe how good i look in them! I would reccomend this experience to anyone! Mikaela is very proffesional, friendly and a great laugh. I’ve had previous body issues that i have now overcome and was able to feel at ease whilst doing this shoot. I’ve told all my friends about the shoot and it was definately worth the trip down as i live in Derbyshire.
Once again, Many Thanks!! Pippa and Dean


Just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for my pictures – I am so pleased with them. I haven’t waited till our anniversary to give my husband his pressie as I couldn’t! When I gave him the photos he was speechless – he asked me to say how amazing he thought they were and that you were fantastic at what you do. What you offer is such a confidence boost, I’ve never enjoyed having pictures taken or looking at ones of myself – but these will most definately bring a cheeky smile to my face whenever I see them.

Thank you once again for turning something scary into something to treasure.


My day with Mikaela is one I will take with me forever. It was fantastic. I was so unsure of how I would go about the day but as soon as I arrived I knew I had made the right decision. She is a beautiful photographer and an inspirational lady. We have remained in contact ever since and I intend to use her as my photographer when I get my yoga website up and running. Don’t even hesitate about having a shoot. You will come out feeling alive and fabulous and the most beautiful woman on the planet. As for the photos. Wow. I am speechless still when I look at them. Thanks Mikaela. I’m still smiling. X


Thank you for a fabulous day. I felt completly at ease & had great fun. This should be on everyones to-do list. A fantastic experience that made me feel a million dollars & loved the pictures thank you again. xxx

Naomi Jay

After being 15 mins late I was welcomed into the studio with a big smile and a glass of champers which was really needed to calm the nerves. I had all kind of thoughts going through my head one of which was ‘how on earth are a few pics going to make me look sexy?’ had my hair and makeup done which was fabulous, then came the chat about different shots and different outfits. I was pretty much giggling all the way through bit Mikaela kept me at ease with her kindness and expertise. Once I received the photos I couldn’t believe for one minute it was me, I looked ‘gorgeous’ (if I do say so myself!!!) I felt very proud of myself and have now got a new found self confidence which I believe I never had. All of this was down to Mikaela and making me feel special. Would recommend it to anyone. Go for it, you’ll have a ball (and as much champers as you want) x


I was very nervous about the shoot but Mikaela was fantastic, really professional but a great laugh, she put me at ease and made me feel comfortable and confidence. I had great experience and a great fun day too and thank you so much for the amazing photos Mikaela. Highly recommended xx

Rebecca Lewin

I really enjoyed doing the shoot and it has given me a lot of body confidence and I love showing my pictures off! Haha! Thanks for the amazing experience 😀 x

Lucie Watson

Took me the whole year to pick up my courage to do something like this to surprise my husband on our 10th year wedding anniversary.
When I arrived at the studio was impressed with the comfortable environment, there was a make up lady who made me feel like a film star, very feminine, the make up & hair was amazing… The whole photo shoot was wonderful, I was very nervous but ended up having fun, felt really beautiful, Mikaela was so funny and made me feel “at home”. A week later I viewed the photos, I loved them all! It was very difficult to pick up my favourite ones! Serious self -booster, I think every woman should experience something like this!

Kelly Carless

My boudoir experience was the best thing I have done in a very long time. I was nervous but was put completely at ease by Mikaela and was made to feel not only extremely comfortable, but really confident and sexy!!

I was over the moon with the images that Mikaela produced. They are so flattering and my husband thought they were amazing! I was so pleased with how I looked that I even showed a few friends, something I never thought I’d have the confidence to do. If you are considering a boudoir shoot, my advice is do it! It will be one of the best decisions you can make for your body confidence.


I’ve been thinking of doing a boudoir shoot for several years, but had never found the right combination of location, make-over and of course, style of photos. I eventually chose Strictly Boudoir pretty much because I adored the photos on the site.

Everything about my photo-shoot was enjoyable, from having my hair and make-up done, to the actual photography. Mikaela took time to talk me though what we were going to do and make suggestions after reviewing the bits and pieces I had bought with me.

When I saw the pictures, I was completely stunned. I couldn’t believe I could look so glamourous. Mikaela definitely works miracles. I’ve already recommended her to a good friend.


Mikaela, thanks for such a memorable experience! I had not had a photoshoot before & was admittedly a bit nervous. However, you put me at ease straight away & I ended up having so much fun! You captured the mood & style I wanted perfectly…thank you so much 🙂


Having finally plucked up the courage to do something so “wild “!!! I had one of the most special days ever !!! Mikaela , put me at ease , empathised with me and totally understood where I was coming from , to the point I was able to relax enough to have my boudoir pics taken …and OMG …The result !! absolutely amazing !!!! I totally and thoroughly recommend Mikaela , She certainly knows what she’s doing …The whole pamper / photographic experience is fantastic , and the results are totally amazing ….well worth it !!! THANK YOU Mikaela xx

Sandy Moretta

Mikaela is truly amazing. I have known Mikaela for some years as she has shot weddings for me in my work capacity. I was hesitant, at 45, to do the shoot, but knew if I could trust anyone it was Mikaela. For any ladies out there worrying about ‘taking the plunge’ I had a really fun day and don’t regret it at all – Mikaela made me look like I haven’t looked in years (or possibly never did) and yet the photos are still very much me. I cannot thank you enough Mikaela and will recommend you to clients and friends.


Mikaela… We met just a few weeks before Christmas when I had finally decided to “bear all” my very gorgeous man! Lets just say he LOVED the photos! Thank you for making me feel comfortable and sexy… (I never thought that would happen!) Speaking for the “chunky” ladies out there I can tell you Mikaela works magic with her positions and lighting to make you look amazing… Not only did I get brilliant pictures but I had a really fun evening and laughed more than I looked sultry! I 100% recommend Mikaela and am currently persuading my girlfriends to go for it! Thanks xxxxx

Kim Lo

Mikaela. I can’t thank you enough for the amazing photos. It was so much fun and an utter pleasure to work with you and you have given me something to be really proud of. I will show off my photos (and scars) with pride. Thoroughly recommended. Kim

Chantal Gibbs-Jones

My boudoir shoots with Mikaela were absolutely amazing! Had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs! The atmosphere was completely relaxed and laidback. Had fun experimenting with different themes and ideas. Would definitely like to do it all over again 😉


Mikaela- I wish you all the best with boudoir photography- you made me look and feel amazing, gorgeous and sexy :)) I may not have the magazine “perfect” body, but my goodness I felt every inch the 1950’s glamour-puss that is desperate to break out of me! Your make-up artist (and you!) made me feel at ease and created the look we were going for in what felt like an instant- you were all wonderfully professional without losing the friendly touch which us women need when baring more than our souls 😉 I could not have wished for a better day or more jaw-dropping photo’s, from the very core of my new found body confidence- THANK YOU xx

Gemma Robinson

Having booked my Boudoir shoot with Mikaela I was very nervous. I am a size 14, mother and have a body to prove it. Mikaela was fantastic, really professional but a great laugh. I was very relaxed within the first few photos being taken and Mikaela was excellent. I had such a great day and was surprised at how sad I was when we came to the end of our shoot. The images are jaw dropping. I had no idea I could look like that, very pleased. My confidence has rocketed and I cant wait to give my husband to be his album the night before our wedding.

Could not recommend this experience more, superb!!!


T. 07946 528352


PLEASE NOTE: I sold my studio in January 2024 and I am now relocated in Eastbourne, East Sussex.