Hi, I’m Mikaela, I own Strictly Boudoir and I will be your photographer!

mikaela_morgan_boudoir_photographer_bwMy passion for beautiful, elegant photography is coupled with a strong desire to help women feel good about themselves. Women have traveled all over the UK for this experience with me. As a boudoir photographer, I love helping women look incredible. I will light you and guide you into poses that will accentuate your favourite attributes while cleverly playing down or hiding the bits you would prefer to keep hidden!

Time after time, clients tell me that their boudoir photoshoots were a liberating, confidence-boosting experience… and great fun too! It is very common for women to feel nervous about having a shoot but don’t worry… you really have nothing to fear! I’m an easy-going girl with your best interests at heart.

l LOVE helping women to look incredible, feel empowered, and more confident… NO MATTER WHAT YOUR AGE OR SIZE.

Let’s face it, many of us have struggled with self-image and confidence to some degree, and is it any wonder with the unrealistic, airbrushed, distorted images of women portrayed in the media and magazines?

I am no exception and as a woman now in my late 40s I have had my fair share of insecurities about body image since I was a young teenager.  Thankfully I am now older, wiser, and have learned to appreciate who I am as a person both inside and out… yes, wrinkles, wobbly bits and all.

I want to let you in on a little secret… YOU ARE LOVELY AS YOU ARE RIGHT NOW.

BELIEVE it because when you feel more confident it radiates in your outward appearance too!

So stop comparing yourself with a distorted idea of perfection in the media.

There is beauty in imperfection. It makes us individuals.

Do you really think losing an inch or two will make a difference to a photoshoot? With flattering lighting and posing alone, I can take off 10lbs in a photograph!

If you’ve had children your figure may have become curvier or maybe like me you have laughter lines that crinkle right up when you smile… I like to think that shows you have had some good times and giggles over the years!

Instead of worrying about the bits you can’t change, focus instead on everything else that is fabulous about you and celebrate that. And if you still can’t see it then let me show you!

At Strictly Boudoir we provide professional hair and makeup before your shoot. This isn’t just to help you look glamorous in the photos. More importantly, it is to make you FEEL beautiful before I even pick up my camera.

The confidence that gives you before you step in front of the camera is priceless and really makes a dramatic difference in the photos.

You truly are perfect right now and I can’t wait to meet you!

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PLEASE NOTE: I sold my studio in January 2024 and I am now relocated in Eastbourne, East Sussex. Website will be updated with new photoshoot location details soon!