Hey there photographer friends! I'm Mikaela Morgan. If you're keen to learn boudoir or portrait photography or lighting (whether natural or studio) but not sure where to start, then I'm here to help. Sign up to my email list to be the first to know when my next online training is course is running... its very soon!

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my journey

I started my photography business back in 2005 shooting everything from weddings to newborns. I was successful enough but found weddings hard work and quite stressful at times. I started to feel burnt out and unfulfilled creatively. Something was missing.


And then I discovered boudoir. Finally, I had found a home for my restless, creative soul, taking control of the lighting to create beautiful images... while helping to transform how women see themselves.

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studio lighting

The thing is, I was a natural light photographer and I was SCARED of studio flash. Too techie I thought! All those switches, leads, beeps, popping sounds, stands and other paraphernalia. And how the hell do you control it all!?


BUT, to achieve the dynamic, dramatic lighting I craved, it meant pushing myself out of my comfort zone and finally learning how to use studio lighting. So I bit the bullet, taught myself to light and guess what... it wasn't that scary after all! And it opened up a whole new exciting world of creativity.



While trends and gimmicks come and go in the photography world, I have always stayed true to my style. I just want to create beautiful, timeless images with a nod to Old Hollywood style glamour. I love that little shiver of excitement when I see I've created an incredibly beautiful image of a woman (who says she normally hates photos of herself) and knowing she will gasp with surprise and joy when she unexpectedly sees her beauty through my lens.


This is what gives me purpose and feeds my soul. I hope, friends, that you will join me on this beautiful journey!


If you'd love to create images like this for women, help them look incredible and give them a huge, gorgeous confidence boost, then I'd love to help! Click the button to join my waitlist and I'll let you know when my next course is running.



T. 07946 528352


PLEASE NOTE: I sold my studio in January 2024 and I am now relocated in Eastbourne, East Sussex. Website will be updated with new photoshoot location details soon!