Scroll down to the bottom of this post to see the article that appeared in the Sun on Wednesday. I was approached by a journalist from Britain’s biggest newspaper, The Sun, after celebrity Nicola McCLean, decided to pose naked in her ‘birthday suit’ for her 39th birthday.

They interviewed my client Gini who talked about why she had this style of photoshoot with me, and how at the age of 45, feeling middle-aged and hating photos of herself, the photoshoot helped her feel strong, sexy, and empowered again.

She happily agreed to share her photos to give other women courage who may be on the fence about having a boudoir photography session. The image below is Gini’s ‘birthday-suit’ photo as featured in The Sun.


I was asked if I had noticed a trend in more women wanting to pose nude. I explained that when you are photographed nude you are stripping away not only your clothes but also all the layers, complexity, and expectations of modern life until you can see you are beautiful just as are you are… no matter what your age.

It really is a positive, liberating, empowering experience.


I started shooting in this style nearly 10 years ago and back then my clients were in their 20 and 30s. They were mainly brides-to-be wanting to create a sexy surprise gift as a wedding gift for their hubbie.

But in the last few years, I have noticed a significant rise in the number of enquiries from women who are having a boudoir photo shoot to celebrate turning 50. Over half of my clients are now over the age of 45 so there has been a definite shift since over the past decade.

My clients in their 40s and 50s tell me that they have much more self-acceptance as they have got older and they want to celebrate who they are and to capture this time in their life and step out of their comfort zone! These women are looking for something that is sexy yet still tasteful, beautiful and elegant and of course, flattering.

Many of my older clients are divorced, starting again and are marking this new phase in their life with exciting, new experiences that are meaningful to them including a nude photoshoot that is just for them!

I am approaching 48 myself, so I can totally relate to these women as we look in the mirror and see our face and bodies change and age.

I have also noticed that the REASON they are having the photoshoot has changed… they are now doing this for THEMSELVES… I love that. And I always say that is the BEST reason.

So the trend now is not primarily about giving the photos as a gift to a partner. I always my clients who the photos are for and even if they say it’s a gift, they quickly follow it up by saying, “well really it’s for me but he’ll benefit too!”

Click here to read The Sun article online, written by Yasmin Harisha. The printed version appeared in the newspaper on Wednesday 30th September 2020. Image below reproduced with kind permission from The Sun.

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