OK, well as far as I’m concerned there is no age that is too old for boudoir photography! Age is a state of mind and if you think you are old then you are old. If you think with a younger mind-set then you will remain youthful in your mind. I do believe that to some extent that has a knock-on effect on how you physically age. Well that’s my philosophy and I’m sticking to it.

My beautiful client in the photo below is in her 50’s. She actually booked her shoot with me after she saw the comment I left on Facebook in response to a woman who had said (about having a boudoir photo shoot)

“Err No. At 50 I would not be seen dead doing that”

Facebook Comment - too old for boudoir?

Here was my response: ” I have lots of clients that do this for their 50th birthday (some at 60). For different reasons. Some want to celebrate that milestone by doing something that feels brave and liberating and that perhaps defies convention… and some tell me they just want to feel good again’.

The media is so full of images of young beautiful people and women over the age of 50 are very poorly represented or are made to feel old when it simply is not true.

50 is JUST a number.

I know that when I turn 50 (which is in 4 years) I’ll never let society dictate what I can and cannot do just because I’m a certain age. In fact I accept and love my body now more than I did in my 20s. I totally understand that going through menopause can make women feel awful at times and maybe lose their confidence as their body shape may change and they see more signs of ageing and they can start to lose their self confidence.

To me Boudoir photography isn’t about trying to look like a page 3 girl or a model in a men’s magazine. To me it’s not even really about sex. It’s for me personally about femininity and sensuality. It’s about accepting (or learning to accept) your body enough to be able to be photographed without clothes.

It doesn’t have to be about stockings and suspenders either. It can be a beautiful nude with strategically draped fabric a bit like the nudes you see in famous paintings from hundreds of years ago. I have posted photos of women in their 50s on my website blog along with their stories about why they had a shoot.

I’m Really proud of them for taking that brave step and I know it really helped some feel much more positive about their bodies and helped them to feel feminine and beautiful and regain that spark (after years raising kids or going through divorce or serious illness as clients have told me). If it’s not for you that’s ok. It won’t be for everyone. Though I do shoot beautiful portraits too so if you’d prefer to keep your clothes on then that is also a lovely experience 😉Mikaela x”

As you can probably tell I was quite taken aback by the negative comment because I will be 50 in less than 4 years time. Despite things starting to sag, more lines and grey hairs appearing and being a bit more achy than I used to, I still do not feel old. I am pretty certain I won’t at 50 either because I feel young in my mind and I do my best to look after myself not only physically but also mentally and emotionally by staying interested in life, constantly learning, reaching out of my comfort-zone and always looking for adventure.

So I felt really sad that the lady who left that comment has put such a limitation on herself. Particularly as I have photographed so many amazing woman at 50 and beyond. In fact photographing those women has taken away the fear of turning 50 for me too! It really is JUST a number. I know it is very common for women to fear ageing especially as western society, for so long has dictated what is conventionally beautiful (i.e. youth).

My 53 year old client (below) felt quite peeved that another woman was saying that women over 50 are too old do have this experience and see a sensual, sexy side of themselves. So much so that it made her feel all the more determined to go ahead and have a boudoir photo shoot with me!

And here she is, my client, happy and proud to share her boudoir photos at 53 years old,  willing to encourage other women not to be defeated or held back by their chronological age. So… what’s stopping you?

To find out more click this link to download my free boudoir shoot guide which explains everything you need to know about having a boudoir shoot with me.


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