Loved putting my own stamp on this yoga pose photo shoot. When I’m not at the studio showing clients how to pose in a boudoir photo shoot I’m often practising some unusual poses myself! in  Two or three times a week you can find me squatting with my bottom sticking out, trying to balance on tiptoes, red faced, sweating, arms stretched out in front of me. My legs starting to wobble, trying not to fall over. I have to hold this pose for 60 whole seconds! Don’t worry this is not a new boudoir pose I plan to unleash on you! I’m actually at Indee Hot Yoga studio, and I’m practising 26 hot yoga poses in 25-30 degrees heat.

boudoir style yoga pose photo shoot

Its doesn’t sound much fun does it?!

But the fun part is… it works. It’s incredible. And I’m being a big baby really. Its not that bad once you get used to it… and its amazing feeling when a few weeks down the line you can see and feel the improvements in your body. Hot Yoga sorts out body and mind and keeps me strong and flexible which is essential when I am photographing boudoir clients which requires both my mental energy and physical strength.

Visually I find hot yoga poses very elegant with a beauty and strength that I really wanted to photograph. So, I booked a couple of my fellow Indee Yoga students in for a yoga pose photo shoot. I decided I wanted to keep the mood low key, dark and dramatic – just like I would in a boudoir photo shoot. These ladies make the poses look easy… so calm and focussed… you’d never guess just how much strength, balance, stamina and determination is involved in holding these graceful looking poses!

Can you see yourself in a Yoga Pose Photo Shoot?

Do you practise yoga? I love to mix in a few yoga inspired poses in clients boudoir shoots if this is something they would love. You can see one of my boudoir shoots’ inspired by yoga here

Whether you are an avid yoga fan, a dancer or neither and simply want a set of beautiful portrait images I can design a yoga pose photo shoot that expresses you in the most beautiful way.

Call me for a chat on 01442 769303 or click here to contact me by email.

This is Lucy Toleman, to whom I will be always be grateful for opening Indee Hot Yoga! I enjoy her style of teaching, relaxed and fun and not too strict! I decided to go for a natural, fresh simple feel for her portraits which I felt was in keeping with both her personality and the yoga ethos.

Indee Yoga Teacher Lucy Toleman by photographer Mikaela Morgan of Strictly Boudoir

Lucy’s first introduction to Bikram Yoga was in Sydney Australia, her friend kept raving about it so Lucy purchased an Intro and went along. At first she absolutely hated it, couldn’t balance, had never sweated so much before and basically it hurt, everywhere! Not for her or so she thought… It took a break up to convince Lucy that she needed to give this another go, after all she wanted a revenge body and this seemed like a sure fired way to get it. With determination Lucy got the revenge body but a lot more, clarity of mind and a new zest for life kept her coming back for more!

If you live locally to Hemel Hempstead do check out Indee Yot Yoga studio situated in Old Hemel High Street.

Visit find out more about the benefits of learning hot yoga poses and to sign up for a taster class.

Indee Hot Yoga Class Hemel Hempstead by Photographer Mikaela Morgan

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