My boudoir photography style is often dark, moody and… sexy of course.  However of late I  have seen the light! Not just thin slivers of light but whole huge windows full of it!

I love that ‘first-thing-in-the-morning-I just happen-to-have-rolled-out -of-bed-looking-fresh-and-drop-dead-gorgeous’ kind of look… you know… just how it NEVER is in reality haha. But we can create that fantasy in my studio. So I have started mixing things up a bit… shooting some images with natural light (a daytime look) and others with classic shadowy studio light too (night time). Giving you lots of variety to choose from.

Here’s an example of my ‘mixing up moods’ from a shoot I did last month. My client wasn’t so much in to lace and frou frou… her style was laid back natural and a little sporty. She also sneaked her hubbie’s shirt and tie out the house without him knowing. Naughty girl. He knows now of course and is very happy indeed!


Boudoir Photo Shoots London  SexyStrictly_Boudoir_Photo_Shoot_016Strictly_Boudoir_Photo_Shoot_019Strictly_Boudoir_Photo_Shoot_024Strictly_Boudoir_Photo_Shoot_031Strictly_Boudoir_Photo_Shoot_041Strictly_Boudoir_Photo_Shoot_048Strictly_Boudoir_Photo_Shoot_049Strictly_Boudoir_Photo_Shoot_053Strictly_Boudoir_Photo_Shoot_055



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