Behind the scenes of Dianne’s 2nd boudoir photo shoot with me! This makes me smile every time I watch it. Dianne is a beautiful person inside and out and I feel honoured that I have been able to photograph her both before and after she turned 40… and that she can still feel comfortable in her own skin as her body changes.

4 years after her first boudoir photo shoot I got this email from Dianne. “I came to you back in Sept 2013 for a much needed boost in confidence.  The whole experience was life changing, from me taking the time to focus on me – what with underwear shopping and spa visit! to the actual shoot where I learned, you know what… being me is just fine and dandy.  It really helped me settle with myself.  I’ve put on some pounds since I last saw you but I’m ok with that, still living by what I learnt from the whole experience. After the shoot you asked if you could use my photos and I said yes if it would inspire others.  If I can help you encourage other women to take plunge then I more than happy to help.”

With Dianne’s permission we videoed a little bit during her 2nd boudoir photo shoot so that she could share her experience with you and to encourage other women to feel more comfortable with their bodies.

Here is what Dianne says in the video:

“I’m here for my 2nd boudoir shoot. I came first time round to build confidence and to feel more comfortable with myself. Mikaela did a great job and took me through the whole experience. It was absolutely fantastic. I feel really comfortable now with who I am.

Its now 4 years on… I’m a little bit wider and a little bit saggier but I’ve come back just because its really fulfilling. If you’ve lost confidence in yourself or you’ve lost time for yourself then this is a really excellent way to bring you back to basics and be YOU without all the noise of life around you. ”

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