Strictly Boudoir photoshoots celebrate the beauty of the female body with elegance and finesse no matter what your size or age! Whether you go for bridal boudoir  or a set of sultry and mysterious glamour photos I create beautiful, elegant, tasteful portraits guiding you in to poses that will cleverly flatter and enhance your natural shape. I am a female photographer and my clients say that their boudoir photoshoots with me are fun, relaxing and confidence boosting. Regardless of whether they had a lingerie photo shoot or a tasteful nude photoshoot… a typical comment is “Wow! I never dreamed I could look like that!”

Many women like to have a boudoir photo session as a unique, sexy surprise gift for their husband or partner… what could be a more imaginative and personal gift for the love of your life!? A popular trend for brides at the moment is to give their husband-to-be a set of bridal boudoir photographs beautifully presented in a discreet little album hidden under his pillow the night before your wedding. But hey… I think the best reason to have boudoir photoshoots is as a gift for YOU.

If you are feeling nervous (which is normal!) check out some of my Client Reviews to read about how other women felt about their shoot and view the Before & After Photos gallery to see their transformation!

The ladies in my slideshow and galleries that you are looking at right now range in dress sizes from 8 to 20+ and in age from 20’s to 50’s… so what’s stopping you? There are NO upper age or size limit. You can view my most recent boudoir sessions on my Boudoir Photography Blog

No excuses… YOU can look this good too! I’d love to hear from you so get in touch and let’s chat about a boudoir photo shoot for you!